Your home’s piping has a limited lifespan of 10-30 years. If pipes are old and not properly maintained, they become vulnerable to dangerous leak points. A slab leak is a waterline leak below the concrete foundation (or “slab”) of your home, causing thousands of dollars of water damage to your flooring, walls and piping system.

Symptoms of a Slab Leak

Signs of a slab leak can occur in subtle and obvious ways.

  • The sound of constant running water.
  • Low water pressure and abrupt increase in water bill.
  • Water coming through house foundation.
  • Wet spots, stains and cracks on walls.
  • Warped, stained or wet flooring.
  • Moldy carpets.
  • Hot spot on floors (common for radiant heating systems, where hot water leaks underneath the concrete slab).

Test for a Slab Leak

  • Check your water meter—if you notice a lot of dial movement within a few minutes, you most likely have a leak.
  • If your home uses a well, shut down the valve between your pump and pressure gauge. If the pressure gauge goes down without water being run, you probably have a leak.

If think your home may have any type of subterranean leak, contact a plumber immediately. We will work fast to find the leak source and repair your water line to prevent as much damage as possible to your home’s foundation, flooring and walls.

Slab Leak Repair

SLO County Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc. does in-house leak detection for fast and reliable results. We have the experience, expertise and tools to quickly pinpoint the source of any slab leak.

  1. Water Leak Detection

    Our technicians are highly skilled in assessing plumbing problems and determining the best method of leak detection depending on your situation.

    Leak Diagnosis Tools

    • Acoustic equipment
    • Infrared technology
    • Inert tracer gas
  2. Home Restoration

    Slab leaks cause thousands of dollars in damage—our restoration company helps assess your home’s damage and starts work on fixing it. We will remove, install, texture and prime new walls for your home.

  3. Best Recommended Action

    In the event of a slab leak, pipes can be repaired for short-term resolution or re-routed/re-piped for a long-term fix. No two leaks are the same—we will recommend the best course of action for your situation, that also meets your budget and time frame.


Our certified plumbing technicians are available at any time to evaluate your slab leak and have the best experience and tools to tackle your leak quickly and effectively. Contact an expert today.

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