SLO County Plumbing & Drain Cleaning provides drain cleaning service for commercial, industrial and municipal organizations, such as:

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Lift Stations

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

We specialize in any and all commercial types of drain cleaning procedures, including but not limited to:

  • Bathroom stoppages
  • Kitchen and floor drains
  • Grease trap inspections
  • Storm drains
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Catch basins
  • Pipe repair and replacement
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance


Our professional plumbers are also equipped for hydro-jetting lines impacted with grease, silt, sludge, and any other type of build-up requiring heavy duty attention.

Sewer Camera Inspection Services

We also provide sewer scope services, better known as sewer video or sewer camera inspection services. This technology is utilized to see inside the sewer line. It also gives us the opportunity to show you the conditions of the line as the camera works its way through the sewer line.


Sewer Line and Plumbing Repairs

SLO County Plumbing & Drain Cleaning are very experienced in sewer line and plumbing repairs needed beneath the slab foundation, at the interior or exterior of the building, or between the sewer line and your facility. We also provide saw cut demo services when necessary.

Emergency Commercial Drain Services

Continuity is critical to your business. It is our business to provide customers with rapid response times to critical drain problems. We are available 24/7 and are arguably the industry’s best at arriving on site and ready to work in a very short time.

  • (805)  543-7586